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Our products and services

Life and Critical illness insurance:

If you are aged 16 - 55 and wish to get an online quote for Life or Critical Illness Insurance go to our associate site at

Funeral Insurance:

If you need a simple funeral plan, with a level premium and no health exams -

Medical Insurance:

Pay less for medical insurance.

100% cover up to $250,000 per annum - no limits.  If you want an instant Medical Insurance quote -

KiwiSaver and retirement planning:

If you need information about KiwiSaver, retirement planning, or budget changes.  Information is available for employers, employees and individuals.

For other advice:

For general advice about how we can help you with insurance , investment and mortgage products.  Then this site is right for you.

Our team

Here are the major members of our team:

John Hyde: AFA 
John joined CFS in 1995. John has a strong empathy to help other people.  He serves on the board of three charities, including Famnet and Connect which helps people with mental health issues.

John has successfully completed courses in both Personal and Business insurance with the Institute of Financial Advisers(IFA).  He has considerable experience in risk management, investment planning and providing commercial and residential mortgage solutions. 

Kevin Orrell: RFA 
Kevin joined the Insurance Industry in 1966, and ran both a very successful agency for Metlife and his own companies. These included KDO Insurances providing Insurance, Risk and Fire & General and LoanPlan for Mortgages. In 1998 Kevin sold his companies and tried some other ventures successfully. He continued to be approached by his past clients and decided to rejoin the business in 2001, in conjunction with CFS. Kevin's broad experience is invaluable to both other team members and clients.

Bryan Costello: 
He founded CFS in 1970 and after a long and eventful career, representing mainly MetLife and Sovereign insurance companies, sold the business in 2005 and retired in early 2010. We all wish him the best in his retirement. 

Our Financial Advisers are all experienced and are encouraged to be Members of the Institute of Financial Advisers. This ensures that they maintain the highest professional standards, and education. They also attend regular seminars, product briefings and other educational events. 

Our Role is to: 

- assist you to determine your actual needs 
- select and advise on a range of options 
- review and update as your needs and products change 
- assist in any claims processes 
- achieve best value for money 

Our Office team are also very experienced and can ensure that your needs are met professionally and expeditiously. Their experience with older legacy policies, plus new products and computer systems enable them to respond quickly to your enquiries and maintain a high level of service. 

They include: 

Carolyn Wright: 
Carolyn has an excellent knowledge of providers systems and processes, and has competently managed the CFS office for over 20 years. Many clients know her well, and the team appreciate her expertise. 

Gina Wilkie: client services. Started in early 2011, and brings a wealth of experience in administrative roles plus a friendly personality.

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