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Pay less for medical insurance.

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KiwiSaver and retirement planning:

If you need information about KiwiSaver, retirement planning, or budget changes.  Information is available for employers, employees and individuals.

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For general advice about how we can help you with insurance , investment and mortgage products.  Then this site is right for you.

Long-term investments

  • Cash
  • On- call or term deposits,
  • Fixed interest, bonds or mortgages,
  • Property - commercial or residential
  • Shares, futures, gold.
  • Forestry, ostriches, horticulture, horses
  • Managed funds

The Golden Rules for Planning Retirement Savings are:

  • Start as Early as you Can - the money you save has longer to grow with the interest it earns.
  • Invest your Savings Wisely - a good fund manager can make a big difference.
  • Choose a Cost Effective Savings Vehicle - check all of the options and fees.
  • Choose a Flexible Savings Vehicle - as your circumstances change, you need a a savings vehicle that can change with you.

We all have goals for our retirement. But to achieve them, we need to save. This Retirement calculator will assist you.




Security-Managed by professional managers and an established companyChoice-A range of diverse funds to choose from reflecting you risk profile. You may also switch from one to another.

Flexibility- Choose when you need your funds for whatever purpose, boost with lump sums or leave it to grow.Protection-Various insurance options can be included to cover contributions, or pay a lump sum on death or disability if required.Portability-It is your personal plan and will continue if you decide to change employment or location to anywhere in the world.Benefits-On retirement you may choose to collect a lump sum, part payments or a guaranteed annual annuity for life.

Time to Review your Retirement Savings?

The Retirement Commission is asking if you as a couple can live on $564.52 as a couple per week after retirement? (Even this is not guaranteed!). If not, start saving. If you have started will it be enough?

Another good site to visit is They will also send you a Retirement Booklet in which you can calculate your own position.

If you can not get access, call us for a quick review. We are happy to provide this at no cost.

The uncertain future of our current Government Superannuation scheme has clearly highlighted the need for all who are able, to provide for themselves. If you have made a start, is it not time to increase your current savings? Just a small increase adds up over time!

The Government has introduced KiwiSaver as a voluntary scheme for all under 65 to use to save for thier retirement. Click here for more details.

Over the years we have all have seen some people retire into poverty because they did not plan, for their lifestyle at retirement, to continue at the same level. That's like spending the Christmas holidays working! Fine if you choose to do it but difficult if you are forced to do it.

To ensure that our clients retire to enjoy a 'Christmas like' retirement, we have developed a Retirement Audit that greatly assists the planning process. This 'Audit' will assess your current arrangements and recommend any improvements.

Most importantly you will know if you are on track, or not, to ensure you have the retirement you desire.

If you would like to take advantage of this retirement audit offer please contact us.

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We also can offer a wide range of investment products ranging from short term to registered superannuation. Contact us to put together a financial plan designed to meet your needs and budget.

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