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Medical insurance

  • The Public Hospitals are even having difficulty in coping with emergencies
  • There are approximately 80,000 on the waiting list for elective surgery
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance fees charged by a major provider have increased approx 72% + in the last two years for those over 45. (Other providers increases have been approx 30%). This reflects current Medical inflation of 9% pa.
  • Medical Insurance is becoming unaffordable for older people with increases over 225% in the last 10 years.
  • Hospital (and Specialist) only plans cover major health costs and are considerably cheaper
  • More minor surgery is being conducted in day clinics by specialists at high cost.
  • Most Medical Insurance companies now have set limits on operations and treatment, which can leave patients having to pay a considerable balance, even those with the top range of plans.

The Public Health system is still the major provider for medical emergencies, and provides a good service.

Also hospitals provide for non-urgent treatment. This is managed via a booking system, so that people can see how long they may need to wait. People who do not wish to wait, can choose to go to a private hospital or clinic and pay. This can be very expensive. You may choose to cover these costs from savings or a loan on the house, or they can be covered by Medical Insurance.

We have experience with a range of Medical Insurance providers, and can normally find the right policy for your circumstances including those with pre-existing conditions. (Those with major medical conditions are unlikely to be fully accepted by a new Insurer and may have "Exclusions or Loadings". We recommend that you maintain your current policy until the new policy, acceptable to you, is in place).

Modern Medical Policies are designed to cover 100% of those major In Hospital Surgical and Medical treatment costs of up to $250,000 per annum. Specialists and Test cover can also be added. You pay only your minor medical expenses such as doctors, dental, and prescription charges. The premiums are therefore lower and the protection provided for major costs higher than other competitive policies. This will enable you to benefit from the Governments subsidised reductions in Doctors fees.

With you can choose from a range of excess options from $ 0, 300, 600, 1200, 2000 or 4000 (choosing a greater excess means an automatic premium reduction.)

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Modern Medical policies can provide 100% cover for all of the major medical expenses shown below.

  • Private hospital - surgical treatment
  • Dental and Oral Surgery cover
  • Private hospital - non-surgical treatment

Other features include:

  • Specialists and Tests to $3000 per person, per year - if option selected.
  • Major diagnostic procedures
  • Care-giver accommodation allowance
  • Public hospital cash grant
  • Overseas medical treatment grant
  • Sterilisation - after 2 years of policy commencement
  • Transfer costs
  • Home nursing

They provide for suspension of cover if required, e.g. due to an extended overseas holiday. They also have automatic cover for new-born children, and can cover pre-existing conditions either immediately or after a period.

Prior Approval of Claims can be organised.

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Q & A

If you have questions you would like answered email ushere

Q. How long does it take to pay claims?
A. Our clients have advised that they have had an excellent claims service from some companies. One Company reports that they will pay claims within 48 hrs of receipt of documents.

Q What sort of savings can I get by changing from a Comprehensive to a Hospital and Specialists plan?
A This is dependent on age and options selected but savings of up to 50% can be expected. Ask for a no obligation quote.

Q Does the Medical Insurance cover you overseas?
A Normally No, although we have had clients where emergency operations have been covered. These costs should be covered by Travel Insurance. You normally need to return to New Zealand to receive the benefits of the policies. (Note - whilst overseas premiums can be placed "on hold" - check with your Insurer).

Q Are pre-existing conditions covered?
A Yes, in some circumstances. The best way to find this out for your circumstances, is to submit an application, and include all details of any conditions, (there is no cost). Any "conditions, exclusions, or loadings" will be clearly identified in the Insurers Offer to you.